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This page is for coordination and documentation of the User Panel project.


  • Virtual email user account editor
  • Virtual ftp user account editor
  • Domain registration
  • DNS edit
  • Domain settings

Get The Code

If you are interested in joining development, the first thing you should do is set up a local development environment. If you'd like, this could be somewhere on mirabel, but it could also be on your own machine.
The currently running version of the panel can be gotten with:

  darcs get

Brock's development branch can be gotten with:

  darcs get

Set up your dev environment

  • cd ~/public_html
  • darcs get /usr/local/src/epfarms-panel-dev
  • cd epfarms-panel-dev
  • cp htaccess .htaccess
  • edit .htaccess, change "/~USERNAME/epfarms-panel/epfarms-panel.fcgi/$1" to "/~aardvarq/epfarms-panel-dev/epfarms-panel.fcgi/$1"
    • This is the last line of the file
    • Two changes -- USERNAME to your username, epfarms-panel/ to epfarms-panel-dev/
  • chmod 755 epfarms-panel.fcgi
  • Browse to (replace "aardvarq" with your own username) to see if it worked!
  • do "tail -f /tmp/epfarms-panel-log-aardvarq.txt" to watch your log file
  • Panel applications are in the lib/EPFarms/Panel/App/ directory, have fun!

Development Issues and Resolutions

Some change you made didn't work? Look at the log file. Still not? Try killing the epfarms-panel.fcgi process owned by you (ps auxw | grep panel | grep aardvarq)

You can run the panel without running in fastCGI if you want! Go into your dev directory and run "./epfarms-panel.fcgi -d 18080" where 18080 is the port number you want to use. Then you can view the result at


man nsupdate - key for updating is in /home/username/.dnsupdate. /root/scripts/ has examples